2.4G Wireless Video Transmission Module (640*480 Resolution)

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The new wireless video transmission module consists mainly of aPCB board, a camera and a peripheral Wi-Fi antenna. Designed for 2.4G wireless video transmission and remote control, this wireless video transmission module is particularly easy to use. Once themodule is powered on, the Wi-Fi hotspot will be turned on automatically.

The onboard blue indicator can immediately show the status of network connection. Light ON in blue indicated a successful connection, and intermittent flash indicates that the module is disconnected.

Through the matching software, we can check all data collected by the camera in real-time, and realize functions such as recording video, taking photos. It also supports VR mode when equipped with VR goggles. The images can be received by different smart devices like smartphone, IOS/ Android operation systems and so on.

This wireless video transmissionmodule is as small as the thumb. It can be widely used in various applications, especially moving objects. E.g. Mobile camera device, UAV (unmanned drone), driving recorder (DVR).

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