HCR - Mobile Robot Platform with Sensors and Microcontroller

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The HCR Mobile Robot Kitط¢آ is a twowheel drive mobile robot platform with three levels (if you want, you can use only the parts you need, or make a two level robot). The mobile robot kitط¢آ contains two motors, two wheels, an omni-directional wheel, and hardware accessories such as metal plates. Its support structure includes servos and sensors, with special interfaces for a mini - ITX motherboard.

As the second generation of DFRobot's HCR (Home Care Robot) platform, we have equipped it with new motors and wheels, and upgraded some of its sensors. It now has six ultrasonic sensors that give it six directions of surveillance. Our customized high-quality DC motor has high torque with an integrated encoder and quiet performance. It meets the general requirements of a common PID speed controller. The new HCR platform has new expandibility options such as a bracket for installing Microsoft Kinect.

This HCR platform robot kit comes with 5 sharpdistance sensors and aRomeo robotic microcontroller. You could select other accessories according to your requirements. Like:

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