Hexapod Robot Kit

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This uneven terrain traveling hexapod comes with eighteen(18) CDS5516 high performance 300 degree rotation servos which gives this hexapod 18 degrees of freedom. The CDS5516 servos have more than 14kg/cm of max holding torque allowing the hexapod to stand on only two feet.ط¢آ 
The CDS5516 servos have the capability of returning their current angle, torque, and working temperature when polled ط¢آ via serial interface. This feature allows for greater accuracy and control of each individual servo. Giving you access to critical information about each servo will also allow you to troubleshoot your sketches. The Arduino Mega 1280 and Mega IO Expansion Shield included in this robot kit make this hexapod a powerful, yet DIY-friendly robotics platform. ط¢آ 
The Mega's 54 I/O pins and multiple serial communications ports allow you to add many additional sensors and modules for all your robotic needs.

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