NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit

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Enter the world of AI through this Jetson Nano Developer kit launched by NVIDIA, and enjoy the infinite joy that AI brings to you!

Jetson Nano Kit is a small, powerful computer that enables all makers, learners, and developers to run AI frameworks and models. Insert a microSD card with a system image into the module to boot the device. With the built-in system on chip (SOC), it is able to run multiple neural networks, such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, Cafffe/Caffe2, Keras, and MXNet, which can realize image classification, object detection, segmentation, and speech processing so as to help you to build up the advanced robot and complicated AI system.

NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit

Abundant Interface

Rich peripheral interfaces enable you to connect various sensors to establish AI-based applications.

NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit

High Performance

Jetson Nano adopts 64-bits ARM CPU,128 core NVIDIA GPU and 4 GB LPDDR4 storage and provides 0.5T FLOPS algorithms performance. It features high-efficiency, low power consumption, small size, and low cost.

NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit

Easy-to-use SDK

Jetson Nano is also supported by NVIDIA Jetpack, which includes a board support packageط£آ¯ط¢آ¼ط«â€ BSPط£آ¯ط¢آ¼أ¢â‚¬آ°, Linux OS, NVIDIA CUSA ط¢آ®, cuDNN, and TensorRTأ¢â€‍آ¢ software libraries for deep learning, computer vision, GPU computing, multimedia processing, and much more.

The same JetPack SDK is used across the entire NVIDIA Jetson أ¢â€‍آ¢ family of products and is fully compatible with NVIDIAأ¢â‚¬â„¢s world-leading AI platform for training and deploying AI software. This proven software stack reduces complexity and overall effort for developers.

NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit

Update Instruction A02 vs B01:

1. The old version A02 has only one camera interface J13, and the new version B01 has one additional camera interface J49;

2. J40 and J44 in the old version A02 are combined as J50 in the new version B01. The interface has been moved and changed from vertical to horizontal one.

3. The Jetson Nano expansion kit is composed of core board and a baseplate. The core board has no eMMC so the system should be burned into the TF card when installing the system. The modules NVIDIA supplies in bulk come with eMMC, but no TF card slot. The A02 expansion board is incompatible with Jetson Nano Module with eMMC, while the B01 is compatible with not only Jetson Nano Module with eMMC but also Jetson Xavier NX Module.

NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit

ط£آ¢أ¢â‚¬ع©ط¢آ  MicroSD Card Slot

ط£آ¢أ¢â‚¬ع©ط¢طŒ 40pin GPIO Expansion Header

ط£آ¢أ¢â‚¬ع©ط¢آ¢ Micro-USB

ط£آ¢أ¢â‚¬ع©ط¢آ£ Gigabit Ethernet

ط£آ¢أ¢â‚¬ع©ط¢آ¤ 4*USB3.0

ط£آ¢أ¢â‚¬ع©ط¢آ¥ HDMI Output

ط£آ¢أ¢â‚¬ع©ط¢آ¦ DisplayPort Connector

ط£آ¢أ¢â‚¬ع©ط¢آ§ Power Jack DC 5V

ط£آ¢أ¢â‚¬ع©ط¢آ¨ 2*MIPI CSI Camera Connector

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