White Nylon Screw and Mounting Kit -M2

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The mounting kit is an M2 screw set with screws, nuts and a variety of lengths of single-head, double-pass white nylon columns, for a total of 260 pieces. The M2-size screw set is suitable for motherboards, sensors or other devices with M2 mounting holes (2mm). Accessories made of Nylon means they will not interfere your electronic devices.

The screw set models included in this mounting kit are commonly used. You don't have to waste time looking for these tiny accessories during projects making progresses. Screws, nuts and Nylon columns are placed in small storage boxes for easy storage and cleanliness, which will make your workbench cleaner.

Note:Since the quantity is determined by weighing, there may be a screw quantity error. Usually the number of deviations does not exceed one or two.

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