Pimoroni Pirate Audio 3W Stereo Amp for Raspberry Pi

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Bring an old radio or set of speakers into the 21st century with Pirate Audio 3W Stereo Amp for Raspberry Pi! The push-fit connectors on Pirate Audio 3W Stereo Amp make it super-simple to connect up a set of speakers, whether they\'re bookshelf or floor-standing speakers, or the speakers in an old radio. Play crisp digital audio from local files (MP3, FLAC, etc.) or stream from services like Spotify. The combined DAC and amp gives you crisp 24-bit / 192KHz digital audio through your connected stereo speakers (or mixed-down mono through a single channel).

The PiMoroni Pirate Audio 3W Stereo Amp for Raspberry Pi is compatible with all 40-pin header Raspberry Pi models.

Pirate Audio is a range of all-in-one audio boards for Raspberry Pi, with high-quality digital audio, beautifully-crisp IPS displays for album art, tactile buttons for playback control, and our custom Pirate Audio software and installer to make setting it all up a breeze.


* MAX98357A DAC / amplifier chip x2
* Stereo 3W (per channel) audio out
* Push-fit speaker terminals
* Switch for stereo / mixed-down mono modes
* 1.3\" IPS color LCD (240x240px) (ST7789 driver)
* Four tactile buttons
* Mini HAT-format board
* Fully-assembled
* Compatible with all 40-pin header Raspberry Pi models
* Dimensions: 65 x 30.5 x 9.5mm


* [Pirate Audio Software and Installer](https://github.com/pimoroni/pirate-audio)
* [MAX98357A DAC Datasheet](https://cdn.sparkfun.com/assets/7/e/5/e/2/DS-16324-MAX98357A-MAX98357B.pdf)


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