Raspberry Pi Wall Adapter Power Supply - 5.1VDC, 3.0A, 15.3W (USB-C)

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This is the official USB Type-C Power Supply for the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. This is a wall adapter with a USB Type-C Connector that fulfills the 15.3W power requirements of the Raspberry Pi 4. It can also be used for other devices which require up to 5.1VDC and 3A.


* AC 100-240V 50/60Hz input
* DC 5.1V 3A Output
* 15.3W Maximum Output Power
* Short circuit, Overcurrent and Over-temperature Protection
* 1.5m 18 AWG captive cable
* USB Type-C Output Connector
* North American Plug


* [Product Brief](https://cdn.sparkfun.com/assets/9/2/5/0/2/USB-C-Product-Brief.pdf)

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