10.1" 800x1280 mini-HDMI IPS Display(Compatible with Raspberry Pi & LattePanda)

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This is a 10.1" mini-HDMI IPS Display with 800 ط£â€” 1280 resolution. It supports mini-HDMI video signal input and microUSB power supply. It only requires 500mA to light up the screen and you can adjust the backlight brightness through the USB port. It supports 100-level backlight adjustment, you can use script to control the brightness. The screen supports three major operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and MACOS, especially the Raspberry Pi. It works directly withRaspberry Pi,LattePanda, and other devices with HDMI output, which can basically achieve full platform compatibility.


  • This is a vertical screen. Linux systems such asRaspberry Pi can rotate the screen through the config.txt configuration file. The configuration file is shown below. When the Windows system is used in the first time, please rotate the screen angle in the system.
  • When using the Raspberry Pi to supply power the screen, you need to ensure that the Raspberry Pi has sufficient power supply capacity. The screen will consume about 0.5A@5V of current, so please pay attention to the power supply output of the wall adapter. You must still ensure the The Raspberry Pi works stably.
  • The screen's micro-USB port and mini-HDMI port must be connected to the same device to ensure that the signals share the same GND, otherwise problems such as splash screens will occur.

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