20W Adjustable DC-DC Buck Converter with Digital Display

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This is a 20W adjustable DC-DC buck converterط¢آ module with digital display. It is based on LM2596 3A step-down voltage regulator and supports an input of 0~40V DC with an accuracy of ط¢آ± 0.05V.

On a regular buck converter there is nodisplay and you have to measure the output manually with a multimeter, which can be slow and inefficient. This buck converter has a display with the output voltage readout integrated right in to the board. You can change the output by adjusting a screw potentiometer that is also integrated on to the board. Simple!

This module can be used inDC applications such as batteries, power transformers, DIY adjustable power supplies, 24V vehicle power supplies, industrial equipment, 12V to 3.3V, 12V to 5V, 24V to 5V, 24V to 12V, 36V to 24V and so on.

The on-board voltage meter supports self-calibration mode. You only need to calibrate it once and the value will be stored automatically. The method is as follows:
1. Hold the button for 3 seconds. Release the button to enter input voltage calibration mode (أ¢â‚¬إ“INأ¢â‚¬â€Œis ON) ; Hold the button for 3 seconds and release the button to enter output voltage calibration mode (أ¢â‚¬إ“OUTأ¢â‚¬â€Œ is ON); hold the button for 3 seconds, and release the button to exit calibration mode, all parameters will be save automatically.
2. In calibration mode, click the button to adjust the value.

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