315Mhz RF Shield For Arduino

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This is an Arduino RF shield that works under 315Mhz. ط¢آ 315M hz is widely applied in areas like vehicle monitoring, remote control, home security system, wireless meter reading, guard monitor system, industrial data acquisition system, wireless tag, identification, non-contact RF card, small wireless data terminals, fire safety systems, wireless remote control system, biological signal acquisition, hydrological/meteorological monitoring, robot control and so on.

This 315MHz Arduino RF Shield can be easily integrated seamlessly into existing 315MHz wireless networks. Whatsmore, the XBee interface integrated on this module will provide you more wireless posibilities: 315M - Bluetooth, 315M - WiFi, 315M - ZigBee, etc.

This RF Shield is compatible with the 315M sensors/controllers which use SC2260, SC2262, PT2260, PT2262 chips.

This RF Shield ط¢آ is compatible with ourremote wireless keynob.

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