4WD MiniQ Arduino Robot V2.0

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Our newly upgraded 4WD MiniQ mobile robot kit is especially designed for education/learning purposes. It comes fully assembled and all your need is a PC with Arduino IDE and 4xAA battery. This new version of MiniQ 4WDArduino Robot Kit comes with Arduino Leonardo controller (ATmega32u4) and also integrates modules such as RGBط¢آ LED, photosensitive diode, infrared transmitters, infrared receivers, infrared line tracking sensors, light sensors, additional buttons andط¢آ buzzer.

Along with this mobile robot kit, we offer 8 lessons for beginners, from entry-level to line-following, obstacle avoidance, and remote control. Users can easily grasp through the tutorial. All coding and tutorials are open and free to download.

Note:This product only supportsArduino IDE 1.6. X

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