6+1 Microphone Array

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This Microphone adopts MSM261S4030H0 high sensitivity digital silicon chip to form 6+1 microphone array, by which to solve some problems such as noise and echo suppression, reverb cancellation, single or multiple sound sources localization, and so on. The product features I2S output, onboard SK9822 series RGB LED, two-wire control color.

MSM26S4030H0 is an omnidirectional, bottom ported, I2S digital output MEMS microphone chip. I2S is a general purpose digital audio interface and widely used in DSP and digital audio processing field. In a conventional audio system, audio signal collected by the microphone will be converted into analog voltage and output, and then processed by the main controller chip after being changed into digital signal and encoded through the ADC of codec. However, the product of MSM261S4030H0 series has built-in 24bit I2S audio port, so without adding extra Codec, it is able to realize full digital signal connections with DSP or MCU. The raw digital audio signal is directly output to the main controller chip. As a result, the complexity of designing signal chains will be greatly reduced, which allows the product to hold an advantages in size, cost, power consumption and anti-interference.

Nowadays, personal portable electronic products have been gradually becoming dominant in the consumer market. This kind of silicon-made microphone learns the advantages of semiconductor technology, and combines high repeatability of production, excellent sound performance, and great expansibility. Therefore, it can be said with confidence that in the near future, the traditional ECM(electret condenser microphone) will be replaced by the low cost and high performance MEMS.

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