7'' HDMI Display with Capacitive Touchscreen(Compatible with Raspberry Pi)

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This is a 7 HDMI display with capacitive touchscreen. It comes with a 7" LCD screen with capacitive touch panel overlay on it. The touch panel supports up to 5 touch points. And it adopts DFRobot USB free-driver technology, no special requirement of drivers. You can use it as easy as keyboard or mouse. It can be directly plugged to PC for touching control. In combination withHDMI HD screen, it can turn a large PC to a tablet immediately.

7'' HDMI Display with Capacitive Touchscreen Compatible with Raspberry
The screen supports Windows, Linux and MAC OS. It can be used onLattePanda,Raspberry Pi and other HDMI device. We also make some special hole to make it compatible with Arduino screw hole. You can mount them on the back of the display directly.

7'' HDMI Display with Capacitive Touchscreen Connected with Raspberry
There is no need forexternal power supply for the screen, it can be powered by USB port and HDMI port. The display also supports back light adjustment. It is very convenient to adjust backlight by potentiometer on the back of the display.

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Note:Please guarantee the external power supply current is above 1.5A@5V when it is driven byraspberry pi. The lower current will reduce the touching sensitivity.

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