8 Channel IoT Ethernet Relay Controller (Support PoE and RS485)

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The RLY-8 is a network relay controller with open source communication protocol. It integrates 8 channel relays and each relay is able to stand 277VAC-10A or 125VAC-12A power. Since most of the household appliances are under 250VAC, this means you can use the RLY-8 relay almost everywhere!

The RLY-8 uses a STM32 microcontroller. It supports 2 types of power supply: Wall adapter or PoE (Power over Ethernet)(PoE)ط¢آ power supply. You can reduce its connection cable via PoE power supply. In addition, you can also control it via RS485 port or TCP/IP protocol. RS485 and JSON protocol has are opened on the website.

This Ethernet relays is really a neat choice forIoT(Internet of Things) projects - with 8 relays, you have plenty of scope to try on different things. Like a remote control light, a autoflowering greenhouse. With the open source protocol, you can add it in plenty of things and do with this besides, just use your imagination!

This new version Relay-8 module has support JSON now, please check network communication protocol.

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