93 LEDs WS2812B RGB 6 Ring Lamp

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This WS2812B ringط¢آ lamp is composed of 93 lamp beads in 6 circles, and each circles can be controlled separately. You can design the size and shape of the lamp as you want by cascading and cutting these LED rings. Each LED is an individual pixel point that consists of three primary colors: red, green, and blue. It is able to achieve 256 levels of brightness display and 16777216 full-color display, and the scanning frequency is no less than 400Hz/s.

93ط¢آ LEDsط¢آ WS2812Bط¢آ RGBط¢آ 6ط¢آ Ringط¢آ Lamp

Cut and Combine

There are 6 rings in the lamp panel, each ring can be freely cut off and linked together.

93ط¢آ LEDsط¢آ WS2812Bط¢آ RGBط¢آ 6ط¢آ Ringط¢آ Lamp

Cascade Control

The 6 rings in the lamp panel can be controlled individually, and cascade control is supported for each ring. You can join all rings together by connecting the DI of the second circle to the DO position of the first circle, and so on.

93ط¢آ LEDsط¢آ WS2812Bط¢آ RGBط¢آ 6ط¢آ Ringط¢آ Lamp

The lamp beads of the ring lamp can be designed in a variety of colors. Only with a single line, all the LEDs can be controlled. It can be used for robot decoration, wearable devices, cool equipment DIY, creative intelligent light set, sound and light equipment, etc.

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