Beetle BLE - The Smallest Arduino Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)

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The Beetle Ble (Former name as Bluno Beetle) ط¢آ is an Arduino Unoط¢آ based board with Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE). ط¢آ It is probablythe smallest Arduino BLE boardin the market. ط¢آ It uses standard Arduino IDE to upload codes via without any extra library and drivers.ط¢آ  This Beetle BLE is another milestone in the Beetle line, which makes DIY users have more options in the project design. It is fully compatible withط¢آ Blunoط¢آ in instructions and procedures. Support Bluetooth HID and ibeacon modes.ط¢آ You may also check theط¢آ Bluetooth microcontroller selection guideط¢آ to get more information.ط¢آ 

The Beetle BLE offers a super tiny and low-cost Arduino with Bluetooth 4.0. The Beetle BLE can be used for disposable projects, such as DIY projects, workshops, gift projects, E-Textiles wearable, and educational. For students and makers who can not afford too much on hardware purchasing, Beetle can be a great solution for them.ط¢آ 

Just like a nativeArduino board, but with Bluetooth 4.0. An APP called Play Bluno is available on IOS and Android which gives quick access to this little tiny board. ط¢آ 
It not only supports USB programming but also wireless uploading method. With the V-shaped gilded I/O interface, it is convenient to screw conductor wire on it, which could a good choice in the wearable market.ط¢آ 

Introduction to Bluno Series
Introduction toBluno Series

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