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BlinkM is a “Smart LEDâ€‌, a networkable and programmable full-color RGB LED for hobbyists, industrial designers, prototypers, and experimenters. It is designed to allow the easy addition of dynamic indicators, displays, and lighting to existing or new projects. If you’ve used up all your microcontroller PWM channels controlling RGB LEDs and still want more, BlinkM is for you. BlinkM uses a high quality, high power RGB LED and a small AVR microcontroller to allow a user to digitally control an RGB LED over a simple I2C interface. Multiple BlinkMs can be stranded together on an I2C bus allowing for some amazing light displays.

BlinkMs are also programmable! With ThingMs sequencer software, you can create a mix of colors with different time slices, upload that sequence to the Blink, and then let it rip.


* 8000mcd 140آ؛ full-color RGB LED with 24-bit color control
* Specify colors by 24-bit RGB or HSB
* Fade between colors with variable timing and fade speeds
* Randomized color selection, with ranges and based on previous color
* 18 built-in light scripts (sequences)
* Create and save light scripts of up to 49 commands long
* Stand-alone operation: No microcontroller needed for light script playback
* Can plug directly into Arduino, no wiring or other components needed!
* Two-wire (aka “I2Câ€‌) interface
* Up to 127 BlinkMs on a single two-wire network
* Responds to “general callâ€‌ broadcast for simultaneous commanding
* Reconfigurable network address
* Firmware upgradable
* 5-volt standard TTL inputs
* Low power consumption


* [Homepage](
* [Datasheet]( (2MB)
* [Example Arduino Control Code](
* [Sequencer Windows]( (15MB)
* [Sequencer Mac]( (416KB)
* [Sequencer Source](
* [Running BlinkM as an Arduino](

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