Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Receiver Board-Controllable Volume

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This is a small size and cost-effective Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Receiver module with auto-reconnect feature. It supports a wide range power supply of 3.7V~24V and comes with a function button. Dial the button to the left and right to adjust volume, and press it to pause or play. You can use this module to remake your loudspeaker into wireless.

Operating Instruction

After the power is turned on, the blue indicator flashes quickly, and then the module enters the Bluetooth mode; After playing the أ¢â‚¬إ“Beepأ¢â‚¬â€Œ, it goes into the pairing mode, waiting for pairing; Turn on the Bluetooth of a phone, أ¢â‚¬إ“XY-WRBTأ¢â‚¬â€Œ(module Bluetooth name) will be searched and displayed, click أ¢â‚¬إ“XY-WRBTأ¢â‚¬â€Œto connect to the board. It connects successfully with a Beep. When the indicator is always on, you can play your music on the phone, and the indicator keeps slowly blinking when playing music.



1. The decoder board will automatically turn off when the voltage of the power supply battery is lower than 3.3V. It can be turned on by replacing the battery or short circuit the on/off contacts for 2 seconds when the current battery is fully charged.

2. Noise may occur when the voltage of the power supply battery is too low, which also indicates it needs to be recharged.

3. Since there is no lithium battery protection circuit on the decoder board, it is recommended to use this module with aLipo Charger board.

4. Pay attention to the electrostatic protection. Since the Bluetooth chip is very sensitive to static electricity, you must discharge the static electricity on your hand to avoid causing damage to the chip when touching it with a bare hand.

5. Bluetooth antenna signal is easy to be influenced by high-frequency or strong electromagnetic signal, so please try to keep the module away from radio transmitting devices, and this board should not be placed close to any metal objects.

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