BOSON Science Kit

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Boson science kit is a set of digitalized scientific exploration tool for young scientist to build their hands-on STEM lab.

Boson science kit brings kids:

8 scientific sensors for physics, chemistry, and biology.

Activity cards that guide kids to start a scientific exploration on 8 different topics.

Plug and play LED monitor for instant result display.

Infinite possibilities of combining the sensors with micro:bit, Arduino, and other Boson modules.

BOSON Science Kit

BOSON Science Kit

Boson science kit includes 8 sensors that most widely used in modern IoT applications, all built with industrial standard. Unlike traditional science kit, Boson scientific sensors output an instant and accurate result in the form of electric signal. Setting up the device is extremely easy, and all thesensors can be used repetitively.

The measurement can be read directly from the display module. Moreover, you can connect other Boson modules to create an automatic device, or use a micro:bit/Arduino to record the data and even upload it to a cloud server.

BOSON Science Kitط¢آ 

pH sensor contains liquid. Adult supervision is strongly recommended for children under 12 years old.

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Tutorial List

EP01 What Color Absorbs Heat Best?

EP02 Which Coffee Cup is BEST?

EP03 What's the pH value for various liquids?

EP04 What happens when acid meets base?

EP05 Why is the water changing its colour?ط¢آ

EP06 Do plants grow better with fertilizer?ط¢آ

EP07 Do plants need light?ط¢آ

EP08 Do plants grow better with more water?

EP09 What's the best environment for a plant?ط¢آ

EP10 Can pure water conduct electricityط£آ¯ط¢آ¼ط¥آ¸

EP11 Are we able to أ¢â‚¬ع©seeأ¢â‚¬â„¢ conductivity?

EP12 What happens to your body during a workout?

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