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It contains a MegaPi Pro main control board,180 encoder motors,36 encoder motors,smart servos, brushless motors, driver modules and other relative extension modules. Due to the rich functionality, it can help you to upgrade the power outputs of the existing system and the capacity of main control, and extends more combinations.



MakerSpace Kits-Add-on Pack-X1

Packing Method

Box Packing

Product Information


Package Information

G.W?5.26kg? DIM (L.D.H)?56.7*33.5*8 cm

Carton Information

2pcs/ctn? G.W?11.82kg? DIM (L.D.H)?63*26*41 cm


Part list

4×180 Optical Encoder Motor

4×180 Optical Encoder Motor Wire

4×36mm DC Encoder Motor

4×36mm Motor Bracket

4×2.54mm 6P Encoder Motor Cable

2×Me High-Power Encoder/DC Motor Driver

6×Smart Servo

6×Mounting Bracket

6×Rudder Bracket

1×2.4G Receiving Module

2×ESC Driver

1×MegaPi Pro

1×Shield for RJ25

4×Encoder/DC Motor Driver

1×4DC Motor Driver

1×2.4G Joystick

6×Terminal Wire-20cm

3× 60cm_Terminal Wire-60cm

6×Virtual Axis

1×Brushless Motor Pack

1× MegaPi Acrylic Bracket

1× Power Cords

1×USB Cable B

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