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If you already have or are looking to own some Circuit Stickers from Chibitronics you may be looking to add a few effects to your LEDs. The LED Effects Add-On Pack provides you with four unique stickers to make your LEDs blink, twinkle, and generally effect the way you experience them. Each kit features one twinkle, heartbeat, blink, and fade circuit sticker and adds their respective effect to your paper circuit project. Like the LED stickers you won\'t need to worry about any soldering, sewing, or coding. Just peel, stick, and you\'ll add some awesome effects to your LEDs in no time!

As these are stickers, you can expect them to be thin, light in weight, and particularly flexible. Each Circuit Sticker can be connected to each other and their power source via copper tape, conductive ink, and conductive paint


* 1x Blink Effect Circuit Sticker
* 1x Fade Effect Circuit Sticker
* 1x Twinkle Effect Circuit Sticker
* 1x Heartbeat Effect Circuit Sticker


* [Chibitronics How-To Page](
* [Love to Code Page](
* Love to Code Editors:
* [ChibiScript and Arduino Editor]( (Text)
* [Microsoft MakeCode Editor]( (Block)


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