Clamping Hub - 1\" Bore (Threaded)

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These threaded aluminum clamping hubs are perfect for standard applications that need shafting or tubing 1\" in diameter secured safely. These clamping hubs have a 1\" bore, an outer diameter of 1.31\", four 6-32 tapped holes, and one 1/4-20 x 1/2\" machine screw for tightening.

[Actobotics]( is a robotics building system based around extruded aluminum channels, gears, precision shafts, and ball bearings. Thanks to the two standardized hole patterns, nearly all Actobotics components can be intuitively connected together. The wide range of components makes building complex electromechanical prototypes or finished projects a reality.


* Bore - 1\"
* OD - 1.31\"
* Hub Pattern - 1.5\"


* [SketchUp Part](
* [Product Page]( (545352)

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