Coral Environmental Sensor Board

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The Environmental Sensor Board is a pHAT that adds sensing capabilities to your Coral Dev Board or Raspberry Pi projects. (It includes an EEPROM for compatibility with Raspberry Pi boards.)

The board provides atmospheric data such as light level, barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity. You can also
attach additional sensors with the Grove connectors.

The board also includes a secure cryptoprocessor with Google keys to enable connectivity with Google Cloud IoT Core
services, allowing you to securely connect to the device and then collect, process, and analyze the sensor data.

**Works with Google Cloud IOT Core**

The inclusion of a secure element allows it to work with Google\'s Cloud IOT Core.

**Expandable input**

Four integrated Grove connectors allow you to add additional sensors.

**Supports TensorFlow lite**

No need to build models from the ground up. Tensorflow Lite models can be compiled to run on USB Accelerator.


* 128x32 OLED display
* Ambient light sensor (OPT3002)
* Barometric pressure sensor (BMP280)
* Humidity / temperature sensor (HDC2010)
* Cryptoprocessor (ATECC608A) with Google keys
* 40-pin GPIO female connector
* Four Grove connectors:
* 1x UART
* 1x I2C
* 1x PWM
* 1x 3.3/5V analog
* General purpose button
* General purpose LED



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