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Introducing "The Breadboard-Plugin Kit" - the first kit in the ECell series. The Breadboard-Plugin Kit provides a range of common components such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors etc. that are compatible with a solderless breadboard. This resistor package module has gold-plated pins making it solid and durable and also gives it excellent conductivity. It plugs neatly and easily in the breadboard and is both reliable and reusable.

Using this innovative approach solves common problems that occur when using DIP components, such as:
*Difficulty reading confusing resistor color codes
*Deforming component pins and breadboard tie-points after use
*Using components with a different pin-pitch than your breadboard
*Confusing the order of a transistor's collector, emitter and base pins
*Using a confusing mess of jumper wires to connect small components

The Breadboard-Plugin Kit is designed by Maker LeoYan, and is produced and sold by DFRobotط¢آ 

This is a Resistor package only,clickECell: Breadboard-Plugin Components Packط¢آ  to get the whole component kit.

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