FLUKES FS-LTKNS 6.2MM : Soldering iron tips LTKNS , 6.2mm x 1.0mm Knife tip

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Applied with soldering station: Weller WSD81/WD1000
Applied with soldering handpieces: Weller WSP80/WP80,FE75,MPR80,PCC
Tip Style: knife tip
Tip Width O/D: 0.244 in./6.2 mm
Tip Thickness/Height/ I/D: 0.039 in./1.0 mm
Reach/Length: 0.492 in./12.5 mm

Lead-free, environment-friendly, 100% conformed to ROHS standard, lead<0.1% wt;
The technical indicators reach to original standard;
Use under 400°C temperature(±20), it can have 50000 solder joints
Make use of imported raw material-non-oxide copper, use special molding machine to process, the tip size very precise;
Lead-free alloy iron electric plating close-grained, very long life about 3-4 times compared to domestic products;
Product surface use special material handling, tip end with coating processing, so as to ensure the tip not turn black under the high temperature;
Good performance in tin-on and tin melting, solder joints uniform, and fluent soldering;
With high anti-oxidation, good moist performance, quick thermal conductivity, the product quality has reached the world's top grade

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