FPV Nylon Pan & Tilt Kit (Without Servo)

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Add a camera, a laser beam emitter, or even a remote cannon on your robots and drones! This is a useful FPV nylon Pan and Tilt for multiple uses. It is compatible with most 9~12g small servos. With this holder, you could easily mount camera or many other small modules on on the servo. The only limit? Your imagination.

Note: This product doesn't contain servos. Please choose the servos separately.

Compatibilityط£آ¯ط¢آ¼ط¥طŒ9g micro servo (1.6kg)(SER0006)ط¢آ 

Project 1:ط¢آ Microbit Projects: Yes/No Bear

There are 2 possible answers. Either yes or no. We randomly generate the outcome when a button is pressed. When the answer is yes, the display will show Y & the tilt servo will response. When no, the display will show N and pan servo will response.
Part needed
2 x9G servo motor
1 xmicrobit
1 xmicro:mate(breakout board)
1 xPan tilt kit
1 x stuffed toy bear ط¢آ  ط¢آ 

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