Global Power Supply - 15V 4.34A

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This isn\'t your ordinary power supply. The Global Power Supply is a 15V, 4.34A power device specifically designed to work with the [JustBoom Amp HAT]( for the Raspberry Pi. Additionally, as this is a \"global\" power supply, each order includes plug adapters for the United States, United Kingdom, EU and Australia. This supply is capable of high loads, so we recommend that you exercise caution while using it.


* Universal / Full-range AC input
* Power Supply Output Type: Fixed
* No. of Outputs: 1
* Output/Input Voltage AC Min: 90V
* Input Voltage AC Max: 264V
* Output Power Max: 65W
* Output Voltage --- Output 1: 15V
* Output Current --- Output 1: 4.3A
* Output Connector: 2.1mm x 5.5mm x 12mm

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