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The GoPiGo Beginner Classroom Kit from Dexter Industries is a box of five robotics kits providing everything you need to outfit your classroom with a Raspberry Pi robot. Each GoPiGo works at the level your students are at — whether you are a parent looking for a smart, fun weekend project to do with your kid, a teacher looking for a way to increase engagement in your science course, or a grad student in need of a platform for your robotics research that requires mobility! Assembly only takes about 30 minutes which means your students will be able to start using their new robot platforms almost immediately after receiving it.

The GoPiGo has been built to be a robot that can survive classroom bumps and falls with thick acrylic, stronger metal brackets, and a better assembly experience. With the included GoPiGo board you will be able to connect up to five sensors (two Analog/Digital, two I2C, one Serial), two Servos, and a camera! Additionally, motors on the GoPiGo have built-in encoders, giving the robot precise and accurate motor control.

DexterOS, the software that comes with the GoPiGo Beginner Starter Kit, has dozens of free, built-in lessons to teach you to program the GoPiGo in Bloxter (a drag-and-drop language just like Scratch). There’s no software to download or install on your device.

The GoPiGo Classroom Kit includes everything you need to get up to five students started from scratch including GoPiGo3 Base Kits, Raspberry Pis, GoPiGo servo packages, distance sensors, microSD cards (with pre-loaded DexterOS software), 8GB USB drives, power supplies, storage bins, rechargeable batteries, and more!


* 5x GoPiGo3 Base Kits
* 5x Screwdrivers for assembly
* 5x Raspberry Pi 3
* 5x Distance Sensor
* 5x Sensor Mounts Set of 3
* 5x microSD Cards with Dexter Industries custom DexterOS software (More advanced users that want to connect the robot to the internet or want to code in C, Java, or Node.js should use our other software, Raspbian for Robots, available to download and install for free.)
* 5x 8GB USB Drives (used for updating software and storing photos and files, but comes empty)
* 5x Power Supply Wall Adapters (110-240V)
* 5x Rechargeable Battery Pack
* 5x Smart Chargers
* 6x Storage Bins
* 2x One-Hour Sessions of Onboarding and Customer Support
* Spare Parts Kit
* Teacher Getting Started Guide


* [Product Page](
* [GoPiGo Assembly Guide](
* [Servo Kit Assembly Guide](
* [Project Page](

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