Gravity: Analog Turbidity Sensor For Arduino

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The Arduino turbidity sensor detects water quality by measuring the level ofturbidity. It is able to detect suspended particles in water by measuring the light transmittance and scattering rate which changes with the amount of total suspended solids (TSS) in water. As the TTS increases, the liquid turbidity level increases.ط¢آ You may also checkط¢آ Liquid Sensor Selection Guideط¢آ to get better familiar with our liquid sensor series.

ThisArduino turbidity sensor has both analog and digital signal output modes. You can select the mode according to theMCU as the threshold is adjustable in digital signal mode.

Turbidity sensors can be used in the measurement ofwater quality in rivers and streams, wastewater and effluent measurements, sediment transport research, and laboratory measurements.

Please note that the top of probe is not waterproof!

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