Gravity: Conductivity Sensor Switch - DFRobot

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The Gravity Conductivity Sensor Switch module can be used to detect if an object has electrical conductivity. Its maximum detection value is 10Mط®آ©. It can detect not only coins, wires, metal and other good conductors, but also the human body, fruit, plants and other conductors.

By touching the positive and negative terminals of the conductive switch, you can change the output state of the module. Use this to make interactive applications such as fruit pianos, musical wind chimes or interactive video game controllers so Super Mario using a bunch of bananas.

As a member ofGravity Sensor Family, the conductivity switch inherits all features of the Gravity Interface: plug and play, color identifiable pins, reverse polarity protection, etc. Using ourGravity IO Expansion Shield, you can connect more sensors, and have more fun!

Gravity: Conductivity Switch Sensor - DFRobot

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