Gravity: D3 Kit - A Comprehensive Kit for Education

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We all dream of the perfect creation, of building something unique, of taking an idea and making it into reality.

We are makers. It's what we do.

No one is born as maker. Makers travel the bumpy road between inspiration and execution. That's why we designed this kit.

Dream, Design, Deliver; D3 kit is a comprehensive set for education, for exploring the world of electronics.

Hand-picked from our 800+ choices ofsensors, shields, and modules, this kit contains everything you need whether you are new to electronics or an experienced maker teaching kids electronics. This is a great starte to plunge into the world of electronics, indulge yourself, make mistakes, and have fun.

All 31 modules in the kit has a dedicated Wiki Page to guide you through basics such as connection and sample codes. With this kit you will be able to start building something unique, for example an automated cat feeding device, smart weather station, etc. You will have a wide range of inputs from includedsensors and outputs through actuators.

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