Gravity: Digital RGB LED Module

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Gravity: Digital RGB LED Module is a cascadable single RGB LED module compatible with RGB LED strip. The Gravity interface provides a more elegant manner for the connections between modules and most of mainstream controllers such as Arduino, micro:bit, Firebeetle Series, LattePanda, and Raspberry Pi with an abundant kinds of DFRobot IO expansion shield. Compared to the traditional RGB LED module, where three control signal pins are required for a single LED, this module only needs one signal pin for all LEDs in cascade. Thanks to such individual module design, RGB LED strip built by such independent modules can realize extremely low power consumption per meter compared to traditional RGB LED strip. And such feature makes it possible to cascade more than 100 modules with a total length up to several tens of meters but power requirement no more than 5V 2A. This also makes it much simpler and more flexible to configure the length of an RGB LED strip, without the need of cutting a RGB LED strip or soldering every LED pieces.

The module adopts the same high-brightness RGB LED in the traditional RGB LED strip, inheriting its excellent display performance and is fully compatible with the driving circuit or program. This requires little changes for existing programs to shift from RGB LED strip to RGB LED module string. Have fun with this tiny RGB LED module by cool effects of flashing, rainbow, even letters, pictures or animations.

Introducing Digital RGB LED Module from Gravity Series

Connection Diagram

Gravity: Digital RGB LED Module connection diagram (Arduino UNO)

Modules cascading

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