Gravity: DS18B20 Temperature Sensor (Arduino Compatible)

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While there are many types of temperature sensors available in the market, the DS18B20 arduino Temperature Sensor form DALLAS is the best choice in applications which require high accuracy and high reliability. Its ultra-small size, low hardware overhead, strong anti-interference capability and high accuracy, together with other additional features makes DS18B20 even more popular among users. For electronic enthusiasts and hobbyists, the DS18B20 is a good start for learning and developing temperature-dependent prototypes.ط¢آ 

This sensor can be directly plugged and used with ourط¢آ newط¢آ IO expansion shield.


  • Digital temperature conversion and output
  • Advanced single-bus data communication
  • Maximum 12-bit resolution, accuracy up to ط¢آ±0.5 degrees Celsius
  • Parasitic mode available
  • Temperature detection range: -55 ط¢آ° C ~ +125 ط¢آ° C (-67 ط¢آ° F ~ +257 ط¢آ° F)
  • Built-in EEPROM and temperature limit


  • Supply Voltage: 3.3V to 5V
  • Temperature range :-55 ط¢آ°C ~ ط¢آ +125 ط¢آ°C
  • Interface: Digital
  • Size:22x32mm (0.87x1.26inأ¯آ¼â€°

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