Gravity: Expansion Shield for Intelأ‚آ® Jouleأ¢â€‍آ¢

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DFRobot’s Expansion Shield for Intelآ® Jouleâ„¢ is a powerful add-on component to the Intelآ® Jouleâ„¢ compute module with its carrier Expansion Board for Intelآ® Jouleâ„¢. Other than what is originally supported by Intelآ® Jouleâ„¢ and the expansion board, the expansion shield adds following features especially for robotics, smart gadget, andIoT device development uses.
  • Analog input support
  • 3.3V / 5V switchable power voltage
  • Standard extended connectors (DFRobot Gravity Series sensors and modules compatible)

  • The expansion shield is sized just as big as the expansion board and can be easily mounted on to the expansion board through breakout pins. Its well-designed shape and layout allows you to get all access to the connectors, LED indicators and buttons on the Intelآ® Jouleâ„¢ compute module and the expansion board.

    Gravity: Expansion Shield for Intelآ® Jouleâ„¢ - DFRobot

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