Gravity: I/O Expansion Shield for OpenMV Cam M7

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Gravity: I/O Expansion Shield for OpenMV Cam M7 is an expansion shield specially designed for theOpenMV Cam M7. It is compatible with varioussensors and electronicmodules ofGravity series, plug and play, no soldering required. It not only helps you avoid the complex wiring , welding and other operations, but also helps you quickly complete wiring and get started with the sensors or electronic modules, to buildprototypes faster.

This expansion shield is equipped with a 5V USB externalpower supply port and a 3.3V/VIN power switch, which makes the expansion shield able to drive high current components such asmotors and servos. There are 9 sets of digital ports, 1 set of analog port, 1 set of serial port and 2 sets of I2C ports on the expansion shield. Additional, there is an onboard 3.3V LDO, which meets the power demand of multiple modules at the same time.

  1. The USB port of the expansion shield is only used for power supply, so it cannot be used for programming or debugging. The continuous current of the USB port is recommended to be controlled within 1A.
  2. When put the expansion shield on the OpenMV motherboard, please pay attention to the direction. The USB port of the expansion shield should be on the same side as the USB port of the OpenMV motherboard.
  3. Because OpenMV motherboard works at 3.3V, limited by the voltage, it does not support 5V analog input. All signal pins are 0~3.3V.
  4. If you need to drive high current components such as servos and motors, please connect them to P7~P9 ports, then connect the external power supply, and turn the power switch to VIN side. Otherwise, the OpenMV motherboard may be damaged due to high current.
  5. The power supply of P7,P8,P9 port can be selected 3.3V or VIN by the power switch. The power supply voltage of the remaining ports are all 3.3V.
Gravity: I/O Expansion Shield for OpenMV Cam M7 Connection With Servo

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