Gravity: IO Expansion Shield for DFRduino M0

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The IO expansion shield which is special forDFRduino M0, it extends 31 general pins from M0 board, together with DFRobot typical color code 3-pin interference. This interference has sole power supply and can connect to the sensors directly, which make the shield have excellent scalability and compatibility. The IO expansion shield for DFRduino M0 has inputs for external power and servo's power, to ensure the stability of powering the module. Its powerful scalability and ease-of-use can help electronics enthusiasts or prototyping developers eliminate the cumbersome breadboard wiring and troubleshooting time, greatly improving development productivity and enabling them to focus more on achieving their originality and ideas.

Note: This product is only applicable toDFRduino M0,Bluno M0, not compatible with other motherboards such as Arduino Zero.

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