Gravity: MCP23017 I2C 16 Digital IO Expansion Module

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This is an IO expansion module that based on the chip MCP23017. The module can expand additional 16 IOs. It can set 8 I2C addresses, which means with this module, the microcontroller can connect 8 modules, and expand 128 IOs at most. The module solves insufficient IO ports problem in applications like robots and interactive medias.

This Gravity: MCP23017 I2C IO 16 digital IO expansion module has 2 groups of IO pins, GPIOA and GPIOB. Each group has 8 independent IO interfaces, and each IO interface can be set to input, output, pull-up input (connect to 100Kط®آ© pull-up resistor), interrupt and so on.

Besides, the module has 2 interrupt signal pins: IA and IB. IA is used to detect the interruption in IO interfaces of GPIOA, and IB is used to detect the interruption in IO interfaces of GPIOB. When one pin of GPIOA or GPIOB interrupts, the corresponding IA or IB will produce a high-level signal.

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