Gravity: RS485 IO Expansion Shield for Arduino

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Our IO expansion board is evolving, the RS485 IO Expansion Shield is now supporting Xbee and has colour coded pin header. It combines our popularط¢آ Xbee shieldط¢آ withط¢آ IO expansion shield.

It even supportsط¢آ SD module cardط¢آ which provides the ultimate functional expansion for Arduino so far. ط¢آ As its predecessor, it supports RS485,ط¢آ APC220 Radio Communication Module,ط¢آ Bluetoothط¢آ , Xbee communication, servo control.

ESP8266 Arduino Programming Tutorial -

DFRduino UNO R3
Xbee USB adapter (FTDI ready)
IO Expansion Shield for Arduino (V6)
USB Cable A-B for Arduino
Mini USB cable

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