Gravity: Triple Axis Accelerometer FXLN8361

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Gravity: Triple Axis Accelerometer FXLN8361 is discontinued now. We recommend theseIMU Sensors as an alternative where you might find other products interested.

3-Axis acceleration sensor is an electronic equipment which could measure the acceleration during the object motion. It could help you to analyse the target motion position or direction. The typical interactive application could be the posture recognition and action recognition, such as WII game applications. These video game device are all using internal acceleration sensor, calculate the current motion direction by conversion algorithm. And most of the recent smart device are based the same theory, like Misfit, Microsoft band .etc.

FXLN83XXQR1 series is a low power consumption with high precision sensor. The highest bandwidth could arrive 2.7kHz. And analog output could be compatible with most MCU. It is well suited to measures the static acceleration of gravity in tilt-sensing applications, as well as dynamic acceleration resulting from motion or shock.

The new FXLN8361 accelerometer sensor provides two measurement range: ط¢آ±2g/ط¢آ±8g. You could select your range according to your application.

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