Hakko FX-901 Cordless Soldering Iron

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The Hakko FX-901 is a cordless soldering iron that is both portable and practical and provides you with a means to easily solder on the go. Powered by four AA sized batteries, this soldering iron is capable of 60-120mins of use (depending on battery type) before replacing its power cells. The max temperature for this iron is also determined by the type of battery you use. For instance if you were to use a alkaline battery you would have a higher temperature output of about 600آ°C (peak) with a much shorter battery life but if you use a nickel-metal hydride type you could only get about 400آ°C but with a much longer battery life.

For over 50 years, Hakko has been producing superior quality soldering and desoldering tools. They\'re dependable, a good value and they work really well! We use Hakko irons in production and we think they\'re great.

**Note:** This iron does NOT include batteries. Check the _Recommended Products_ section below for different options.


* Temperature Range: ~400آ°-600آ°C
* Cartridge type for selectable batteries
* Approximately 60 minutes with alkaline batteries and 120 minutes with nickel-metal hydride
* Quick-release soldering tip replacement
* Ceramic heating element
* Slender, lightweight ergonomic iron handles
* Compact design
* Great for soldering SMD and through-hole applications
* T11-B cone tip included


* [User Manual](https://cdn.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Tools/FX-901.pdf)
* [Soldering Tutorial](http://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/354)

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