HN58C65P-25 8192-word × 8-bit Electrically Erasable and Programmable CMOS ROM

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DIP-28 - The Hitachi HN58C65 is a electrically erasable and programmable ROM organized as 8192-word × 8-bit. It
realizes high speed, low power consumption, and a high level of reliability, employing advanced MNOS
memory technology and CMOS process and circuitry technology. It also has a 32-byte page programming
function to make its erase and write operations faster.
• Single 5 V Supply
• On chip latches: address, data, CE, OE, WE
• Automatic byte write: 10 ms max
• Automatic page write (32 byte): 10 ms max
• Fast access time: 250 ns max
• Low power dissipation: 20 mW/MHz typ (Active)
2.0 mW typ (Standby)
• Data polling and Ready/Busy
• Data protection circuity on power on/power off
• Conforms to JEDEC byte-wide standard
• Reliable CMOS with MNOS cell technology

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