ICE Tower Cooling Fan For Jetson Nano

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The ICE Tower CPU Cooling Fan forNvidia Jetson Nano is an efficient thermal solution customized for Jetson nano, including two 5mm thick copper tubes, a multi-layer heat sink, a PWM controllable high-quality fan, and an aluminum base. These powerful cooling modules combine to form a cooling performance monster. It will greatly reduce the operating temperature of the jetson nano, thus taking full advantage of the full performance potential of the jetson nano. We tested using jetson nano to run high-intensity algorithms such as face recognition, bare running at 85 ط£آ¢أ¢â‚¬â€چط¦â€™, and the temperature was reduced to 45-47 ط£آ¢أ¢â‚¬â€چط¦â€™ when this super fan was assembled.

The tower fan has 7 different color LEDs that change automatically, making your fan more beautiful and personalized.

Note:Jetson Nano is not included.

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