Inclined Electromagnetic Lock-12V

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This 12V electromagnetic lock comes with two control wires(red: +, black: -). Power up/off to unlock/lock the electromagnetic lock. We add an electroless nickel plating onto the metal surface of the shell and frame to make the lock durable and anti-corrosion. The bolt and lock hole are made of pure-copper, smooth, and never get stuck. Meanwhile, the bolt can be rotated to 90, 180 or 270 to match any doors you want to use it with. When the coil of copper wire inside the lock is energized, the bolt will be pulled into the center of the coil immediately. The electromagnetic lock features good heat resistance and long service life.

Use this electromagnetic lock together with relaymodules andmicro-controllers to build up smart home, or use it to lock sales machines, storage racks, file cabinets, automated equipment and so on.

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