Industrial pH Electrode - Armor Casing

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This pH combination electrode is made of sensitive glass membrane with low impedance.It can be used in a variety of PH measurements with fast response, good thermal stability.It has the good reproducibility, difficult to hydrolysis, and basically eliminate the alkali error .In 0 to 14pH range,the output voltage of the electrode is linear.The reference system which consist of the Ag/AgCl gel electrolyte salt bridge has a stable half-cell potential and excellent anti-pollution performance.The ring PTFE membrane is not easy to be clogged, so the electrode is suitable for long-term online detection.

Note:This is a probeonly, and it could be a upgrade part forAnalog pH Meter (SEN0161). If you need an industrial long-term pH sensor directly, please checkIndustrial pH Meter Kit Pro (SEN0169). And the output voltage feedback is from 0 to 5v to indicate pH value from 0 to 14.

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