INOVA-1800 Filament 3mm - 1kg (Black)

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This is a 1kg (2.2lb) reel of 3mm black INOVA-1800 co-polyester filament for 3D printing made from Eastman Amphoraâ„¢ 1800 3D polymer. INOVA-1800 prints have a glossy, smooth finish and feature a great balance of strength and 3D printing ease. 3D prints with this filament are dimensionally stable, bridge well and are a great choice for interlocking objects, props and other functional 3D prints.

This is the Cadillac of 3D printer filament and should be your go-to option for creating your most important prints! The material comes on a heavy-duty plastic reel and vacuum sealed to keep out any moisture.

**Note:** To make removing 3D printed objects easier, it is strongly recommended to apply a glue stick to the print surface prior to powering up your 3D printer.


* Diameter: 3mm (0.118 inches)
* Quantity: 1 kg (2.2 pounds)
* Hot End Temperature: 230آ°C -- 240آ°C
* Color: Black


* [Filament Guide](
* [Cura Print Profile]( (LulzBot Edition)
* [Slic3r Print Profile](
* [Product Regulatory Information Sheet](
* [MSDS](


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