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You are viewing a 4GB RAMLattePandaWindows 10 mini PC with 64GB eMMC memory. This model ofLattePanda includes an activated edition of Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB.

A LattePanda is a complete Windows 10single-board computer. It has everything a regular PC has and can do anything that a regular PC does. It is compatible with almost every gadget you know: printers, joysticks, cameras, and more. Any peripherals that work on your PC will work on aLattePanda.

Based on the full version Windows 10 Professional, Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB is designed for the professional application market. Not only can you run normal windows applications such as Office, Visual Studio, and Processing. Via the attached advanced tools such as AppLocker, BitLocker, Hyper-V, you can also have the highest level of security and management capabilities. From home servers to digital signage, this operating system can be the basis for your next big project.

But Wait! A LattePanda also includes an integratedArduinocompatible co-processor, using hundreds of mature development platforms such as Johnny Five and Cylon, you can easily use it to control and sense the physical world! Whether you are a Windows developer, IoT developer, DIY fanatic, interactive designer, robotics whizz, or maker, a LattePandasingle board computercan aid your creative process!

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LattePanda V1 Selection Guide
Product Name LattePanda 2GB/32GB(Unactivated) LattePanda 2GB/32GB(Activated) LattePanda 4GB/64GB(Unactivated) LattePanda 4GB/64GB(Enterprise License)
SKU DFR0444 DFR0418 DFR0419 DFR0470-ENT
System Windows 10 HOME Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB
Type 64-bit
CPU Intel Cherry Trail Z8350
Memory 2GB 4GB
Storage 32GB 64GB
Co-processor ATmega32u4
Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11n
Bluetooth 4.0
Dimensions 88mm x 70mm
Price $89ط¢آ  $119ط¢آ  $149ط¢آ  $209ط¢آ 
Recommend Reasons In Short The Cheapest Development Board in LP Family Activated Win10 Home Better Performance Windows 10 Long Term Servicing Branchط¢آ  ط¢آ  ط¢آ 

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