LoRa MESH Radio Module - 868MHz

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LoRa MESH Radio Module is a high performance, low power, long-range micro-power RF module, using a distributed ad-hoc network communication mode, embedded wireless MESH MANET protocols, users do not need to do anything modified to present devices, protocols, nor need for secondary development to module, but can easily implement wireless ad-hoc networks. RF chip module technology based on spread spectrum frequency hopping, spread spectrum calculations and leading internal automatic CRC error correction processing. The stability, anti-interference ability and receive sensitivity are better than other types of modules. Module also supports API mode, transparent mode and AT command mode, the user can configure our PC software, or send AT commands through the microcontroller, based on the parameters of the actual demand for flexible configuration of the module, simple operation, easy to use, strong adaptation.

RecommendUSB to TTL Converter to set the module parameter, andGravity IO Expansion Shieldcan directly work with the Lora modules.

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