M1 AI+lOT Module K210 Deep learning

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AI chip normally refers to ASIC chip that aims at AI algorithms. Although the conventional CPU and GPU can be used to execute AI algorithms, they have been greatly limited in their speed, performance, and practicality. Compared with traditional processor chip, AI chip offers faster speed, more computing power, and low energy consumption.

This product employs AI chip K210 as the core unit. K210 comes with dual-core processors with independent FPU, 64 bits CPU bit width, 8MB on-chip SRAM, 400M adjustable nominal frequency, and double precision FPU supporting multiplication, division, and square root operation.

The AI Module-M1 is equipped with neural network hardware accelerator KPU, voice processing unit (APU), programmable IO array (FPIOA/IOMUX) and Fast Fourier Transform Accelerator. In the AI processing, K210 can perform operations such as convolution, batch normalization, activation, and pooling. At the same time, the pre-processing of voice direction scanning and voice data output can also be performed.

M1 AI+lOT Module K210 Deep learning

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