Maix Bit AI Development Board RISC-V K210 IOT

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Maix Bit AI development board adopts AI chip K210 of RISC-V kernel. K210 comes with dual-core processor chip with independent FPU, 64 bits CPU bit width, 8 MB on-chip SRAM, 400 adjustable nominal frequency, and double precision FPU supporting multiplication, division, and square root operation.

On the 53.3mm x 25.4mm board, Maix Bit AI development board integrates on-board 128 Mbit high speed and large-capacity Flash, high speed USB to Serial port chip CH552,RGB LED, MEMS microphone, 24pin DVP camera interface, 24 pin 8bit MCU LCD interface. The product features RISC frame, high performance, low price, AI, and MicroPython support.

MaixPy firmware is micropython firmware, which makes it easy for everyone to use AI algorithms and the operation of conventional microcontrollers; MaixPy firmware is compatible with most APIs of OpenMV! Buying the MAIX development board is equivalent to having an OpenMV development board that is three times the price of the MAIX development board! And the measured power of the ordinary algorithm is 2~3 times of the original STM32H7 version! The power of the AI algorithm is even more than 1000 times that of the STM32H7 version of openmv! That's right, it's 1000 times!

Maix Bit AI Development Board

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