MCP3424 18-Bit ADC-4 Channel with Programmable Gain Amplifier for Raspberry Pi

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The module integrates MCP3432 A/D converter chip. The module can provide analog input function forRaspberry Pi and provide high accuracy analog input forArduino.

MCP3424 is one of the low noise and high accuracy 18-Bit delta-sigmaanalog-to-digital (ط®â€‌ط®آ£ A/D) converter family members of the MCP342X series. Its characteristic is:
Self calibration of internal offset and gain per each conversion.

User can select the PGA gain before the analog-to-digital conversion takes place. This allows the device to convert a very weak input signal with high resolution.

The device have two conversion modes:
  • (a)One-Shot mode: the device performs a single conversion and enters a low current standby mode automatically until it receives another conversion command.
  • (b)Continuous mode: the conversion takes place continuously at the set conversion speed.

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